Stre@m>!! Watch Heaven Is for Real Movie


In the film adaptation of the bestselling book, ‘Heaven is for Real,’ which can be watched online, actor Connor Corum represents four year old Colton Burpo who had visions of heaven while he was being operated upon after an accident. The real life story shows the preacher father and writer Rev. Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear), watch Heaven is for Real movie online. The religious ideas of the afterlife would have audiences in deep thought when they question their most profound beliefs. While we would all wish for the sanctity of heaven after earthly lives are done, it is all a matter of faith.


While falling for innocent Connor Corum, we are treading upon sensitive religious controversy. The mysteries of the Bible may be our most treasured religious faith but there exists the cynics who hold contrary views. The advancement of science has severely shaken religious faith and we have a growing body of atheists in a world that claims to be liberated from religious dogma as they practice gay marriages. You can enjoy watching the full movie stream of ‘Heaven is for Real’ online or you can even download the movie.

Can we consider Colton Burpo’s visit to Heaven and the vision of Jesus a miracle? The facts are strange enough. The burst appendix requiring emergency surgery happened in 2003 when Colton was almost four. The heavenly visit story was gradually told. Colton said that he had died and ascended to heaven. He met his great grandfather in heaven. Colton said that he had met his younger sister too who had died in a miscarriage. The parents never told him. How could he ever know?

Colton also spoke about meeting Samson, John the Baptist and Jesus too! Perhaps the story appears like a fictionalized inspirational story. Can the boy’s account be taken lightly or with a religious faith that transcends scientific truth? It is easy to understand that the story instantly appealed to the devout who would identify with Colton’s imagination if that is what it really was. Since all fiction belongs to the realm of imagination with a certain unreality, we could be excused to have lingering doubts.

Yet for those millions of readers of the bestselling storybook and perhaps a billion and more believers in Christianity, Colton had spoken the truth of their most intimate dreams. Heaven is where every Christian aspires to go in the afterlife and traditional beliefs are yet very strong.

Colton’s narration of heavenly experiences is not alone. The Christian church has a large number of such supposed encounters with saints, heavenly beings and angels by lay people just like the Bible contains a world of spiritual experiences. If the book and the movie succeed in creating religious beliefs and give hope to humanity, they would have achieved a great purpose in little ways to rid the world of the devils of skepticism and atheistic attitudes. Religion and god finally unite us in the quest for a greater meaning of life beyond the mundane and the ephemeral.

The film was directed by Randall Wallace and Chris Parker wrote the screenplay. The writers of the book were Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent. Nick Glennie-Smith did the music, Dean Semler was in charge of cinematography and John Wright handled the film editing.